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Why Is This Program Good for You?

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    Root Cause Resolution Using a Bandaid-Free Approach

    The prevalent medical model is a pill for every ill. That masks symptoms and can lead to life-long, chronic illness. Functional medicine looks for the root causes of an ailment and addresses them to achieve maximum results. This is likely different than any other approach you've tried. 

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    Personalized Protocol

    One size doesn't fit all! Through functional labwork, dietary changes, supplement recommendations, reducing toxic exposure (if needed), sleep, lifestyle and more, you and your practitioner will work as a team to find the protocol that works for your unique body and lifestyle. Together, we'll find what works for you in real life.

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    Our practitioners have trained at one of the best functional medicine programs in the world. The founder has three advanced degrees from MIT. The program is rooted in science and evidence-based medicine. 

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    More Experience with Vitiligo

    Collectively, our practitioners have over 100 years of experience in functional medicine. Regardless of what your root causes are, we've likely helped other clients with the same challenges. We have supported more vitiligo clients than any other functional practice!

​Here's What You'll Get!

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Group Sessions

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Individual Sessions

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Lab Work

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Private Community Support

Jodi Franklin, CHC, AFMC

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Lisa Jackson, RN, FDN-P, AFMC, CHC & RYT 500

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No Worries... We Have You Covered!

- Have you battled vitiligo for many years?

- Have you tried different “remedies” without experiencing any improvement, or even seeing more pigment loss?

- Has vitiligo taken an emotional, social or economic toll?

- Are you concerned about getting another autoimmune disorder? Here are some of the approaches we will use to help you.

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Gut / Digestive Health

According to research, about 70%-80% of our immune cells are found in the digestive system. This is integral for overall health and reversing vitiligo.

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Nutrition & Supplements

Nutrition is a foundational element of reversing vitiligo and overcoming health ailments. We will discuss your unique dietary needs and develop a plan that works for you.


Supplements can help fill the nutrient gap and empower the body to heal. 

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Detoxification & Epigenetics

Toxicity is one of the root causes of vitiligo. We will discuss your current or past exposure and address it.


Epigenetics is the study of the activation and deactivation of genes. With any autoimmune disorder, such as vitiligo, genes turn on due to a number of lifestyle factors including toxicity. This results in the body attacking itself.

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Is This Program Right for You?


  • Not interested in taking supplements or doing lab work

  • Want to stick with conventional medicine instead of functional, root cause medicine

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How is Vanishing Vitiligo different than other programs or interventions I've tried?

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